10 Best Mom Blogs and Bloggers

10 Best Mom Blogs and Bloggers

Motherhood is a magical journey of its own kind. Right from the start when you hear “Congratulations, you are a mom!” life takes a new turn. Even the excruciating ordeal you faced in the delivery room quickly transforms into unexplained joy and happiness. See the best mom blogs I’ve chosen for inspiration, comfort, and support.

With many ups and downs along the way, you’d might think being overwhelmed would make you give up easily. Wrong!

Regardless of the isolating feeling, uncertainty, tears, and anxiety that gut-punch mothers through this journey – at the helm of it all, stands the unwavering, incomparable, and intense love. Which is so fierce it melts hearts making you do things you never believed possible.

Are you ready to start a mom blog? Do you want to do this? Do not worry. I’ll help you get started. Read my article: How to start a blog – don’t wait. Start today! It is effortless!

It is without a doubt that motherhood is one of the best experiences in life. And yes, I admit that it has its moments. No matter how many books you read or movies you watch in this regard, your experience will always be unique from anyone else’s.

So let’s see my best mom blogs list.

List of the best mom blogs

The following blogs are what I deem the best mom blogs I have encountered.

1. Love Taza

Love Taza.comLove Taza – Parenting blog

This incredible mom blog is the work of Naomi, who began her adventure as a blogger in 2007. At that time, Love Taza was a private blog only for close friends and family. Naomi is a mother of five children who share her joy for life and motherhood and everyday life here. This optimistic mother infects the smile of everyone who goes here, shares with you advice on traveling with children, eating, and being a parent. I have to admit that this is my favorite best mummy blog.

2. 100 days of real food

100 days of real food blog100daysofrealfood.com

Lisa is the mother of two wonderful daughters. In 2010, together with her husband Jason, they decided to change their eating habits. First of all, they focused on healthy food. Secondly, they rejected highly processed foods. It was a complicated and lengthy process that required a lot of family involvement. That is why they decided to share their experiences with others. They created their blog, The Food Illusion, which over the years, has changed into 100daysofrealfood.com. Here you will find plenty of recipes. You will learn everything you should know about healthy, unprocessed food.

3. Thrifty Nifty Mommy

Thrifty Nifty Mommy.comThrifty Nifty Mommy

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This blog was created in 2010. It was founded by Janessa, mother of five beautiful children, thinking of reviewing the highest quality products for mothers like her. Here you will find a lot of useful information about pregnancy, baby products and more. Also, Thrifty Nifty Mommy recommends tested recipes, tips for traveling with children, as well as saving methods that will be useful with a large number of children.

4. A Mom’s Take

A Mom's Take - mom blogsA Mom’s Take

Another blog that is worth visiting to get some inspiration is A Mom’s Take. This mom blog is created by several mothers who want to share their experience with others. Here you will find a variety of topics from recipes, travel, crafts, gift ideas, blog tips, and other content that will inspire and teach.

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What else can you find on my list of the best mom blogs? I also have selected a mom blog that is deeply rooted in friendship and simply being authentic in terms of personality. One that tries to maintain a lifestyle based on plants. Another one that shines a light on being in an interracial marriage and raising biracial children.

Next, in turn about special needs moms and all, there is to raising special needs children. Another one about maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. And finally, one that is all about being a single parent. Advice and tips on how to do it.

Each one of them is unique in their way, making them beautiful and fun to read.

5. Bleeping Motherhood

Bleeping Motherhood - blog for momBleeping Motherhood

Authors Audrey and Kerri show us that motherhood does not have to be bland. They use their witty humor that will be leaving you in laughing fits, gasping for air. No matter how hard you try, I’m afraid you will not be able to stifle it.

The two met in the halls of University and pursued a Bachelor of Science in advertising. After countless shared client meetings and creative presentations, they shared their experiences as mothers.

Creation of the mom blog

It was at this point that Bleeping Motherhood was created and just from the title, you can already tell this is not your typical mom blog. It is pregnant with personality and tackles everyday mom stuff with puns and jokes. It is a testimony that no matter how far you run, you will always come back to your right, authentic self.

To think that after finding their niche, these two would live happily ever after with no worries would be far from the truth. In fact, starting this blog only scratched the surface.

They yearned for more because after their pregnancy experiences and being bombarded by questions from readers; they realized they had just begun their journey. And it was evident that they were not alone.

The snowballing of this mom blog can be attributed to all these bits and bobs that eventually built up to this moment. Currently, they have published two books found in the: Would You Rather Series that are thoroughly entertaining and of course, hilarious.

They also have podcasts where they discuss a wide range of topics. They also have a Weekly Tip section to share life hacks and motherhood tips and secrets.

6. Vegan Momma best mom blog

Vegan Momma blogVegan Momma

The founder of Vegan Momma, Cathleen Woods, is the full embodiment of what it means to lead a plant-based lifestyle in all manner of ways.

In 2008, she took a giant leap of faith by quitting her full-time day job and chose to chase what resonated with her the most in a fierce and fearless manner.

Initially, she was hunting for what she called a “real job.” Which she had imagined entailed advocating for veganism as well as animal rights. Although lacking experience, she had a passion for getting her there.

Then she took it up to herself to plunge into creating a website, Vegan-Nutritionista.com. Rising from an amateur in website building to managing a thriving one was quite the experience. She enjoyed every step of the way. It was and still is a thrilling adventure working on the website.

Creation of the Vegan Momma blog

What Cathleen yearned for was being able to conduct research and steering others in finding their own paths as they explored the vast world of veganism.

Over a while, it dawned on her that a group of people, primarily women, had numerous questions on veganism. At that time it was a reasonably underdeveloped section on the internet. Mothers needed as much knowledge as possible on this topic.

Cathleen had discovered a loophole and a calling as well; vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children.

Sections of the blog

This mom blog offers a guide to women who are seeking to raise children in an environment that is holistic, natural, and organic while solely. Focusing exclusively on a plant-based diet.

It is divided into three main sections: Preparing For Baby which covers vegan pregnancy, pregnancy nutrition, diet, what to avoid eating while pregnant, exercises during pregnancy, and natural childbirth.

Vegan diets cover the vegan food pyramid, vegan recipes, the vegan nutrition website, and raising vegan kids.

While your New Baby is all about vegan babies, cloth diaper types, making baby food, baby weaning, and food recipes.

7. Special Needs Mom

Special Needs Mom - mom blogSpecial Needs Mom

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Suzanne Perryman describes herself as a writer, a reader, a crafter, and of course, a mom. Her blog gives a voice to all the mothers who are raising children with special needs.

Being a mom is already a tough job with round-the-clock responsibilities. Having a special needs child magnifies all the challenges that regular mothers have, especially if you have no knowledge or experience on how to go about it.

Moreover, Suzanne has different articles highlighting different conditions, and she breaks them down for those who would like to know more about them. From Autism to Mitochondrial disease, Epilepsy, and even Sensory Processing Disorder.

She is determined to raise as much awareness as she can because she knows it will help somebody somewhere in one way or another. Covering a wide range of topics, Suzanne has managed to write about everything a special needs parent should do or know.

Mom blog’s sections

For instance, she advises how to comfort special needs children, their emergency plan. Or how to prepare them for summer camp, what they should pack, and Wii games for them. It does not stop at that as it also covers special needs moms, dads, siblings, and special needs divorce.

I have to highlight the series: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for moms. This part offers a support system for those who may feel overwhelmed or frustrated that they are not able to relate to their children.

Or they do not know how to communicate their feelings to them. As a consequence, this ends up making them feel guilty since all parents want to give their kids the best and so much more.

The whole point of this series is to allow them to take a deep breath. Give themselves a pat on their backs and acknowledge that it is okay to feel that way and no matter how hard we try, we cannot be perfect.

8. Are Those Your Kids?

Are Those Your Kids? - best mom blogsAre Those Your Kids?

Diedre Anthony gives us an insight into her experience in motherhood and raising biracial children. She has the full package as her blog covers marriage, parenting, motherhood, curly hair care, and curly hair guide.

In today’s world, interracial marriages are not illegal. Diedre has highlighted this aspect by covering the history of Loving Day, which was birthed from a unique occurrence that took place in Washington, D.C, in the year 1958.

Mildred Loving, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, got married when marrying outside your race was forbidden. Then they got arrested in Virginia a few weeks after their marriage. They avoided jail time when they took the bold step to leave Virginia and took legal action in which they succeeded as the court ruled in their favor. Mildred and Richard Loving moved back to Virginia, where they raised their three children.

Diedre finds this story monumental to her marriage. Because if it were not for the Lovings who fought for what they believed to be, she and her husband would not be able to be together without the fear of being arrested.

This situation set the tone for having the freedom to settle down with whoever, regardless of their skin color. It is a sheer coincidence that just like Mildred, she is also raising three biracial children.

9. Fit and Awesome

Fit and Awesome blogFit and Awesome

Who said moms could not be athletic or sporty? Lindsay shares her story on how she has been athletic and tried almost every physical activity she could get her hands on. From soccer to taekwondo and surfing and snowboarding at the age of 15.

After college she registered in local running races, completing her first triathlon in 2010, and she ran the LA Marathon in 2012. You would think with her working out daily she would have a very athletic build. On the contrary! Lindsay had a hard time losing weight and always carried around a bloated belly no matter what she ate.

When she went to a doctor, it turned out that she had a food allergy and that she was severely gluten intolerant. Currently, she eats a strict gluten-free diet and has lost 20 pounds as a result.

During this time, she has learned a lot about products useful in her health and fitness journey. That is why it inspired her to share her story and knowledge with others.

Some of her articles include; setting boundaries and making time for exercise, how to introduce yoga to children, meditation for moms, budget-friendly maternity activewear, paleo and gluten-free recipes, pure organic bars in your diaper bag and so much more.

10. Learning 2 Bloom – mom blog

Learning 2 Bloom blogLearning 2 Bloom

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For one reason or another, if you made the decision or life got in the way and you found yourself raising your child or children by yourself, this blog is for you.

Laurie’s blog has tips on saving money and being smart about your spending choices. Children are expensive, and when you carry the financial load by yourself, you have to have these tips to stay afloat.

Sections of the mom blog

Her recipes are not your everyday recipes. They are specially crafted that either saves you time when preparing or makes use of leftovers to reduce wastage and cost while not compromising on the quality of the meals.

Also, her self-care section of the blog is rich with healthy living tips. Laurie emphasizes that even though you identify as a mother, you are also an individual who needs to carve out some time for herself. Even for five minutes each day.

Time for yourself is significant as the only caregiver to her children. A single mother needs to be her best version and have her peace of mind to be the best mother she can be. She also gives on the importance of blogging and encourages her fellow single parents to start a blog.

Learning 2 Bloom inspiration

What inspired Learning 2 Bloom is her experience as a single mother of two children. She has been able to support both of them for over ten years without outside help.

Laurie took all the tips and tricks, no matter how small and documented them in this blog. All this to intending to help those single parents who are struggling to make ends meet.

It was also aimed at being a tool to empower such mothers and give them a nudge in the right direction while providing a supportive environment.

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Laurie has also been able to celebrate her experiences, such as obtaining her bachelor’s degree in social work. Passionate about being a role model for her girls, she has led by example and proved to them that they could achieve what they set their minds. And that is just hard, not impossible.


In a nutshell, these are some of the top mom blogs. What cuts across the board is how personality and circumstance play an enormous role. Whether you are testing the waters in this world of blogging or trying to find the best mom blog to read, you will always find your tribe.

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