10 Diet Foods that Actually Make you Fat

10 Diet Foods that Actually Make you Fat

The struggle is real when you are on a constant hunt for diet food that is actually good for your waist line. When your goal is to shed weight, it’s important to be extra careful about what goes into your mouth. The best way to lose weight is to eat right and be consistent with your diet plan. If you look at your favourite celebrity and wonder how all these women stay in shape regardless of their age? It is with “discipline” and having perfect body simply means, they set their priorities over taste! It’s doesn’t mean healthy food isn’t tasty! Today, we are going to surprise you with 10 diet foods that are considered healthy, but in reality, it can secretly cause you harm than good!

Diet Foods that Actually Make you Fat

1. Smoothies: If you get food recipes from Internet, you need to read this. No doubt, they are all delicious but be selective before indulging into any recipe as it may be nutritious but it can be calorie dense. For example – banana+peanut butter smoothie; no doubt it’s healthy but banana and peanut butter are high in calories. Since your aim is to lose weight, you can consume one banana or simply eat a handful of peanuts instead of adding milk and sugar to it. Another very common drink in the fitness world is protein shake –  protein shakes are excellent way to add that extra dose of protein into the body but be careful before purchasing any protein powder. Read your labels well and do check calories per drink. The best protein powder to choose is ‘whey protein’ as it’s low in calories and highly nutritious. Tip: Avoid refined sugar and use stevia as an alternative to avoid adding extra calories to your drinks.

2. Low-fat flavoured yogurt: This is another favourite snack for most women. We often read “low fat” on the label and throw the food item into the cart without even thinking twice. It is sad to say, but low fat products are not healthy at all and are loaded with extra sugar to improve flavour. Buy full-fat yogurt and consume it in moderation. If possible, prepare your flavoured yogurt at home, it’s easy to make and extremely healthy. According to a study, women who consumed low fat-yogurt gained more weight compared to women who consumed full fat yogurt. You can now pick full fat products over low fat products, this just gives so much comfort to my heart!

3. Fresh juice: Most people add fresh juices of vegetables and fruits into their diets in order to improve health and lose some weight, but surprisingly, fruit juices are packed with sugar and calories, and can cause weight gain instead of weight loss. It is better to eat your fruits rather than juice them out. Bonus is that you get complete nutrition from your fruit as juicing drains the fiber in them. You can stick to non-starchy vegetables and fewer fruits to control your calories.

4. Low-calorie breakfast cereal: When you are changing your lifestyle to healthy, most people reach out for low-calorie cereal thinking and trusting that it would be a perfect healthy start to the day, but now, I’m going to crush your heart and tell you the truth! These breakfast cereals may be low in calories but they come loaded with sugars. They are low in nutritional value and lack healthy fats and protein. According to a survey, men who ate eggs and toast for breakfast consumed fewer calories and were better satisfied, compared to men who ate cereal for breakfast. Some healthy breakfast options are oats, dalia, poha, rice free idli, chia seed pudding, oats pancakes, homemade-granola etc.

5. Sports drink: Sports drinks always had a good reputation and are considered as a excellent choice for athletes or for people who perform intense workouts, but sports drinks are loaded with sugar and an average person doesn’t need so much sugar. It can spike your blood sugar levels and can make you gain weight. According to a survey, children who consumed sports drink regularly weighed more than children who don’t. I think I’ll just have a glass of water thank you!

6. Low-calorie dressing: Are you taking some effort and adding salads to your daily diet to shed some weight and yet there is no progress, may be now you’d know why. Surprisingly, many low-calorie dressings like mayonnaise, mustard, tomato ketchup, mint sauce are packed with sugars. It is estimated that one tablespoon of sauce has one teaspoon of sugar. Choosing regular dressing in moderation could be the best option.

7. Frozen yogurt: These days, frozen yogurt is winning hearts, and is often considered healthy over ice cream. But frozen yogurt is often topped with tempting sugary toppings, to avoid extra calories you can choose smallest cup of yogurt with natural fruit or nuts toppings to avoid that belly to stick out.

8. Diet foods: There’s always a section in any supermarket which says “diet food.” Do yourself a favour and stay away from that section. Most diet products are loaded with artificial ingredients and are high in sugars to enhance taste which can adversely affect your health. These diet foods are usually expensive and do no good to the body. Instead purchase whole foods which are unprocessed and come in their natural form.

9. Healthy desserts: Many desserts like ice cream or Indian sweets are labelled as “healthy” or “sugar free!” No doubt these desserts contain fewer calories compared to regular desserts but they aren’t healthy as they claim. Regular consumption of these type of desserts can cause bloating, diarrhea, and make you gassy. Plus consumption of artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose can cause obesity or cause sugar cravings. Tip- treat yourself every week with your favourite desserts or food to satisfy your soul and tastebuds, rest of the week follow your diet. This is most preferred routine and is loved by Bollywood celebrity Shilpa Shetty Kundra, you can check out her ‘Sunday binge’ on Instagram, it’s quite popular.

10. Coconut water: Coconut water is one of the most-loved beverage these days, no doubt it’s actually very healthy and contains many vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, but it’s also high in calories and sugars. Around one cup of coconut water contains 45 calories and 6 grams of sugar. It’s definitely a healthier option from other drink options like soda or fruit juice, but it’s recommended to consume it in moderation.

Hope you are well aware of your food and make healthier food choices, eat healthy stay lean!

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