A Million Little Things Round Table: Did You Guess the Eric Twist?!

A Million Little Things Round Table: Did You Guess the Eric Twist?!

We met Chloe and now know the truth about Eric.

Eric recounted his real connection to Chad, Rome got his big break into the industry, and Gary confronted his mother for the first time in decades on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 12

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Jack Ori, and Christine Orlando as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Did you see the Chloe/Chad connection coming?

Meaghan: Definitely not! I actually really liked that twist. It doesn’t excuse Eric and what he did, but it did at least make me slightly less angry at him for the whole thing. Also, I adore Sutton Foster, so pretty much anything she touches is a win for me.

Jack: I didn’t! I liked the way they built it up like Eric was a con artist or some guy with nefarious intentions and then went in a different direction.

As Meaghan said above, none of this excuses the choices he made, but I did feel like it wasn’t coming from a bad place.

Christine: I did. I half expected that Chloe was the one who had the heart transplant.

Although, I felt sorry for the way Eric lost Chloe, and I know his original intentions were good, that didn’t give him the right to lie to Maggie and her mother.

It was actually pretty selfish to keep the lie going when he saw the turmoil his lie had caused within Maggie’s family.

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Is this the end of Eric’s arc? What are your thoughts about it, him, and he and Maggie’s mutual feelings?

Meaghan: I think this is the end. Eric giving Maggie the truth about Chloe felt like closure to the whole storyline and his character.

I think that he and Maggie had a connection, but I think it is tainted by the lie and because to an extent their connection was built on that lie.

Going for a Ride - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 12

Jack: I think this is the end too. I don’t see any place else for it to go. Granted, Gary and Maggie haven’t fully reconciled yet, but at this point, I think Eric knows he screwed up, and it’s over, and he was moving away anyway, so he’s probably going to just disappear from the show now.

Christine: I hope so. I wasn’t an Eric fan from the beginning, so I’ll be thrilled if he’s moved on. And I’m glad Maggie realized that the feelings she was developing towards him were all built on a lie.

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Should Maggie and Gary get back together and maintain their break from each other?

Meaghan: They need to continue their time apart. Eric exposed major flaws in their relationship.

Just because it turned out that Eric was kind of a fraud, that doesn’t erase the fact that their relationship wasn’t able to survive something like that. They need to build up trust as friends before they can get back into a relationship together.

Gary Talks to his Mom - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 12

Jack: I thought Gary was going to change his mind as he headed down the stairs, but I’m glad that he didn’t. Gary has work to do on himself before he can be in a relationship, and he and Maggie haven’t been in a good place for a long time.

Plus, the night Maggie/Eric ends is not the right time for her to get into a relationship with anybody. So I’m glad they took the first step toward ending the cold war thing they had going on, but they shouldn’t rush back into a relationship either.

Christine: I don’t think they’re ready to get back together. They’re both in a vulnerable place right now, and I think they need to work on their own issues separately before they can come back together and have a healthy relationship, but eventually, I would like to see that happen.

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Gary finally confronted his mother about her abandonment. Thoughts?

Meaghan: This was a huge step for Gary’s character. Gary has carried that pain that his mom caused him throughout his life. He pushes people away when he thinks that they might leave him to protect himself from experiencing pain like that again. He needed to confront her to get past it and finally start to heal.

Disgraced Mom - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 12

Jack: Gary needed that closure. He’s been acting out since the breakup with Maggie, and it stemmed from his mother’s abandoning him.

I thought it was interesting that he told his mother to go have her big meeting with the producer instead of going to dinner with him. To me, that signaled acceptance that his mother was never meant to be a mother and that her career was always going to be a far bigger priority to her.

Christine: Gary’s mother was a real piece of work who made everything about her and only saw things from her own point of view.

I smiled with some friends and that was enough to convince you that I didn’t need you?


Permalink: I smiled with some friends and that was enough to convince you that I didn’t need you?

Added: February 05, 2020

That she convinced herself that a 7-year-old little boy was happier without his mother because he was playing with his friends just infuriated me. I’m glad that Gary finally got the closure he deserved so that those old wounds can finally heal.

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Were you surprised Sharon took the adoption news well? Were you surprised by her reaction to the Howards racial preference regarding their future child?

Meaghan: Sharon and Regina’s scenes together were some of the best of the episode. I think Regina grossly underestimates her. Sharon acknowledging her oversights and naivety throughout Regina’s whole life was extremely important for her to do.

I realize I’ve done that my whole life. Skating past the bad to get to the good. Pretending the world is better than it is. Honey, I turned a cheek to so many things because I thought it would be easier for you, but now I get how wrong that was. I let you down, Gina. I know that. That’s why I was so happy today because deep down I thought the reason you didn’t want children is because of me. Because I didn’t set a good enough example. But starting now, I just hope I can be half the mother I know you’re going to be.


Permalink: I realize I’ve done that my whole life. Skating past the bad to get to the good. Pretending…

Added: February 05, 2020

Jack: I loved this storyline. I thought it was realistic, though Sharon’s initial reaction to Gina’s talking about wanting the child to be part of the black community irritated me.

She felt rejected, but it was obvious it wasn’t about her. After she admitted she always turned a blind eye to race issues and was afraid Gina thought she was a bad mother, her reaction made more sense.

Getting the Hang of Motherhood - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11

Christine: I loved that Sharon was simply thrilled to know she was going to have a grandchild!

Their conversation took a really interesting turn when we got to see both Sharon and Regina’s views on how race impacted their lives and their mother/daughter relationship. I think they both learned something which will bring them even closer together.

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After some bumps, Rome’s script is being produced by the actor he wanted. React!

Meaghan: I was so proud of Rome for fighting for himself and his story. I wanted to stand up and clap in my living room as he went to the restaurant and confronted Turtle (sorry that’s all I can see him as).

I knew as soon as he did it that Isaac would want to help him make the movie. I couldn’t be happier for him that he is one step closer to having his story be told to the world.

A Creative Spat - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 12

Jack: I was thrilled for Rome! It took guts to stand up for himself that way, but it paid off. His dream is finally coming true if Todd and that lawyer he has on retainer don’t get in the way down the road.

Christine: I loved that Rome stood up for himself and didn’t just roll over and feel like the victim, and thankfully, his bold move paid off for him. If anyone deserves to find some success, it’s Rome.

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Do you have any other thoughts not covered in the questions?

Meaghan: Gary and Delilah was such a great pairing that I never knew I needed more of. Their road trip was one of the best parts of the episode for me.

Jack: I missed Sophie this week. I was distracted wondering what she was up to while Rome was in New York and Gina was off with Sharon.

Delilah: I’m so sorry. I should’ve have pushed you to come here. Gary: No, don’t be sorry. I’ve spent so much time blaming myself for her leaving. I always thought if I had been better. If I had been shiner. If I had just been more, I don’t know, then maybe she would have stuck around. Delilah: Gary, what your mom did. It wasn’t about you. Gary: Yeah, I know. It was always about her. I see that now. Rome: I’m sorry, man. Gary: Don’t be. You both are my family, and I’m sorry for not treating you like it lately.

Permalink: Don’t be. You both are my family, and I’m sorry for not treating you like it lately.

Added: February 05, 2020

Christine: I liked how all of Gary’s friends knew what the cheesy movie meant to him and that they needed an intervention, ASAP! I thought that spoke a lot to their close friendships and how much they know about one another.

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What was your favorite moment from the hour?

Meaghan: Gary telling Delilah that she is the best mom that he knows. Gary has been on a downward spiral and this was the first sign that we finally got the Gary we know and love back.

Jack: When Isaac called Rome, and they agreed they weren’t going to let Todd steal Rome’s story. I was so excited for Rome! I also liked Gina and Sharon’s honest conversation. And I agree with Meaghan that it was great to see Gary being more like himself.

Play time - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 12

Christine: Gary showing up on Maggie’s doorstep to own up to his part in the Eric debacle did my heart good. He never recognized that Maggie was still grieving for her brother and needed closure and inadvertently pushed her towards Eric.

The situation wasn’t his fault or Maggie’s, as Eric was the one who lied, but they all played a role in this, and it was great to see Gary acting like an adult once again.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics! Do you agree with us? Disagree? 

Hit the comments below with your responses. And if you missed it, then watch A Million Little Things online to get caught up!

A Mllion Little Things airs Thursdays on ABC. 

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