Cheryl Burke Reveals How She Convinced Cody Rigsby Not To Quit DWTS

Cheryl Burke Reveals How She Convinced Cody Rigsby Not To Quit DWTS

Cheryl Burke is revealing her conversation that convinced her celebrity partner Cody Rigsby to not quit Dancing With The Stars. The beloved Peloton instructor always dreamt about one day competing on ABC’s ballroom, but had a rough go around when he and Cheryl both tested positive for COVID-19. Cody was initially embarrassed when his sweaty rehearsal footage suddenly aired to the world for judgement as he sat at home in quarantine. Though he lived to see another day of the competition, he was stressed trying to learn, rehearse and perform two routines in one week over zoom from the comfort of his and Cheryl’s respective living rooms.

Throughout the weeks Cody and Cheryl were sick with the virus, the judges didn’t reward the pair with very high scores. The scores were so low that the couple thought their COVID diagnosis was dictating their ultimate fate on the show. Luckily for them, the boo crew voted enough times to not only keep them in the competition, but bring them to the finals. While many fans are relieved Cody and Cheryl are both healthy and back in the ballroom, the couple previously admitted their routines are not as easy as they may seem due to their long-hauler symptoms. Both instructors have been winded throughout rehearsals, leaving Cody to question if the competition is worth continuing.

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In a new interview with Buzz, Cheryl revealed the conversation she had with Cody to keep his head in the game. “He didn’t have a choice, I forced him,” Cheryl joked. “No, he was kind of hesitant.” Cheryl described how Cody’s doubt began when they received their positive COVID-19 results around the same time an executive producer called with the idea to perform virtually. According to Cheryl, Cody was overwhelmed with emotion. “It’s just that he didn’t really understand the show yet, and I was like, ‘No, we’re doing this. This is exciting. This is fun. How are you going to turn this down? You’re going to always regret it,'” Cheryl revealed. At the end of the day, the pro dancer felt that it was worth a shot as long as both of their bodies felt strong enough to perform.

Cody and Cheryl stuck it through and have now made it to the Dancing With The Stars finale. But in new headlines, judge Derek Hough has tested positive for COVID days before the live show. “I reached out to him,” Cheryl revealed, adding that she reassured him she’s around if he needs anything. That said, Cheryl knows Derek is vaccinated and “so healthy” so she hopes this will be an easy quarantine for her friend. “It just sucks because even though he probably feels great, he’s going to have to stay home unfortunately and do a 10 day quarantine,” Cheryl said. Though she hasn’t received word on how Derek will judge the finale, she knows he won’t physically be in the ballroom.

It would have been such a different finale if Cody decided to quit the show when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Thankfully he and Cheryl were healthy throughout their entire journey with the virus. Nonetheless, it’s really scary to test positive for the virus and Dancing With The Stars fans are wishing Derek all of the best in his recovery.

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