Delhi, Techie-Turned-Farmer Will Get You Growing Air-Cleaning Plants in Just 2 Hrs

Delhi, Techie-Turned-Farmer Will Get You Growing Air-Cleaning Plants in Just 2 Hrs

Over 500 urban gardens and nearly 100 land projects within four years. That is the record that Edible Routes, an eco-initiative based in Delhi, proudly holds. Started as an initiative to help urban dwellers learn organic farming, this organisation strongly advocates the need for megacities to nurture plants indoors. Your kitchen, balconies, living rooms are as great a space to grow plants as any and Edible Routes is here to guide you.

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An IT professional turned organic farmer:

Kapil Mandawewala had a cushy job in a leading IT firm in San Francisco, USA. The position of a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting meant that Kapil had easy access to all the luxuries he wanted. And yet, something pricked at him. Kapil wanted to pursue something that will bring a positive difference in society.

Always conscious about his health, diet and lifestyle, Kapil decided to leave the well-paying job in favour of starting an organic farming in India to suit his goals. His family owned a 22-acre farm in Gujarat, thus he shifted base to his hometown. Instead of continuing with chemical farming on this vast patch of land, he cultivated wheat, rice, millet and vegetables organically.

For the first couple of years, Kapil faced losses in lakhs. But his perseverance soon reaped rewards. This invoked the curiosity of people from far and wide. Especially Delhi.

Learn the art of growing pure air inside your home. Follow this link to learn about the location, price and other details and book a slot in Kapil’s workshop.

From 22-acres in Gujarat to a few square feet in Delhi:

Kapil had a few family friends living in Delhi. When they saw how his farm in Gujarat was thriving, they requested him to teach them the tricks of the trade. The only catch? They were all city dwellers with limited space at their disposal.

“His friends wanted to learn how to set up a kitchen garden and Kapil took up the challenge. He soon realised that the demand for urban farming is huge in megacities like Delhi. While some people are happy with just one workshop, others need a little more guidance. They need a garden to be set for them. He thus started Edible Routes to help novices set up their own indoor garden,” informs Abhijeet Verma, a marketing professional at the organisation.

The demand refused to die down and since 2015, when the organisation was formally established, Edible Routes has facilitated the planting of over 500 kitchen gardens and edible landscapes, encouraged over 200 families to become farm letters (be involved in community farming), and taught the basics of growing indoor farms to over 7,000 individuals!

You too can benefit from the expertise of Kapil. Click here to know more details and sign up for the workshop now!

What to expect in the Delhi workshop:

“It is city dwellers who most complain about the lack of greenery and fresh air. So we want to involve them in adding to Delhi’s lushness. It can start right inside their home. You can pick the plant of your choice – edible, ornamental or easy to grow – and start your garden with that,” explains Abhijeet.

Kapil will guide you through the basics of preparing the soil in which to plant your garden. Not every soil at your disposal is healthy enough to nurture plants. Beginnings are important when it comes to plants and in this workshop, Kapil will guide in the same.

He will also teach you about different indoor plants that help purify the air inside your home. You don’t want any pollution or harmful gases lurking indoors, right? This is a green, sustainable way to prevent harm!

Just two hours and you are set to grow a garden! What are you waiting for? Book your place by clicking on this link!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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