Little story of my quarantine, and how spirituality is leading me to a breakup

This is going to be a little long, and apologies in advance for any english mistakes. It would be nice if you guys could tell me what you thought of all this.

It all started in the beginning of the quarantine here where I live in Brazil, probably around late march. My girl and I have been together for 6 years and have a 3 yo daughter. Unfortunately, since the beginning our relationship has never been very healthy and never stable. We broke up many times in the past and our current "stability" is probably due to maturity and the fact that we already live together and have a kid, but not because things got any better between us.

Actually, it's quite the opposite, as it's been a while since I started really feeling unhappy with this relationship but was never willing to break up, because the thought of doing this was kind of terrifying for some reason. Last December we had a terrible series of fights that led to a quick breakup, and I don't even remember why things got better. I don't even remember the reason tbh, and it doesn't matter.

Maybe I should have put an end to it back then suddenly it was like the problem never existed and life continued. But the wounds were never really healed.

Then 2020 started, and then the pandemic arrive and with the pandemic I got into spirituality. I started learning about it, meditating, trying to get in touch with my higher self, with angels, God… and I got some results. I even posted some experiences on these last few months. But I never talked about how spirituality started changing my personal life for better.

So, I think God, or the universe – I never understand what's the driving force behind the events I'm about to tell you – realized that I was incapable of changing my life alone, without a little help. The thing is, I found out my partner betrayed me and probably things between her and the other guy didn't work only because the Covid-19 started, which kept both from meeting each other. But the interesting fact is how I found out.

She used my phone to log into her Instagram account one day and then she gave me my phone back after logging out of her account. She always keeps her phone away from me and I never understood the reason, until that day. Some weird thing happened and an Instagram notification arrived to my phone after she logged out and I was able to read it, and it happened to be a very suspicious message from her friend. That caught me by surprise and I had to get into her account to read her messages and see what was going on.

What I found out was that the guy that sent the message wasn't the real deal. The problem was her best friend, who she was talking with about another guy, and the betrayal is just explicit. At the time I noticed I was a little bit in shock, yes, but not sad, not angry, not frustrated, but… happy.

And I knew exactly why I was happy. It was because I finally had a reason to do what I should have done for years. It doesn't sound stupid. It is stupid, I know. I didn't need a reason like that to break up, my unhappiness alone should be enough reason.

I decided that I shouldn't talk to her yet because having this conversation in the middle of a quarantine wouldn't make sense as we can't do much as life isn't the same and you don't anywhere to go. So I would have to wait a little longer, so a few weeks, more than a month had passed and I didn't even think about it. Until one day we had a fight, an ugly one and she even threatened to leave to her mom's house.

I didn't mention the betrayal during the talk, because I didn't think about it. But just as the fight ended, I remembered it. And that's when I realized one thing: what happened a month earlier was kind of a miracle if you think about it. I thought that out of, say, 50 Instagram notifications she gets a day, she would should get one or two that would raise suspicions. Many days she wouldn't get any suspicious messages. But that day, that hour, she got one that came after she logged out only so I could see it.

What are the odds? I thought it was near to zero. One notification at the right time and right place was enough to make my life change, because from the day I realized this fact I decided that I had to put an end to this and this was a message from the universe.

And then other events happened. First, I meditated one day and as I was trying to contact my spirit guide asking him for guidance related to what I was about to do, I felt my throat chakra tingling/burning. Of course, I came to this sub to tell you about this experience and one of the users confirmed my beliefs: the throat chakra is about voice, talking, conversation. I had to talk about it.

Then, one day my partner was playing around with her brand new tarot cards. So she asked me if I would like to make some questions and I said sure, let's do it. It was my first experience with tarot, so it would be interesting. It turned out to be more than interesting but almost creepy. One question was what she was feeling about me.

The middle card, that represented the "current moment" was GUILT. I don't need to say anything else. We both secretly freaked out, the difference being I knew exactly why she was freaking out.

The last event was equally creepy. The other day I ordered Chinese food and as usual they sent me a fortune cookie. After eating the meal, I opened the cookie and the message inside was literally "you're about to make changes for better". I just couldn't believe it. Even a fortune cookie was spot on.

So that's it guys. Just thought I should share this story. I have planned to make this happen this week. For some reason I still feel insecure, scared, a chill down my spine, knowing that my life is going to change a lot. But I have to do this, it's kind of a mission the universe has given me. I also keep seeing repeated numbers – 111, 222, 333, 444.

What I'm actually curious about is who exactly is doing this. Because I feel like something or someone is making me realize what I really need to do for everyone's best. But is it God? Is it the angels? Spirits? My consciousness? I try to pray, to thank them for this, but I don't even know who I'm exactly supposed to thank.

It sounds crazy but it would be really nice to understand what's the driving force here. Either way, I'm sold, this is something I should have done long ago.

Thank you for reading! Wish you all the best and love, and stay safe. ♥️

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