triggering chapter in school book tw: eating disorder

triggering chapter in school book tw: eating disorder

i wouldn't necessarily say it was an eating disorder, but i have had problems with eating several times in my life. first in elementary school where i barely ate at all and then when i hit puberty i would just eat anything regarding of how unhealthy it was. recently i realized i wasn't happy with the way i looked so i decided to not eat candy at all, not eat after a specific time etc.

it worked and i lost 11lbs in about two months and that in a healthy way. i am now happy with my weight but i noticed that i started taking it more seriously than i should. i overthink everything i eat which is bad regarding the fact that i don't eat breakfast (ik it's the most important meal but i haven't eaten it in years because i always get stomach issues when eating early). i always imagine the stuff i ate in a day and if it looks to much i feel bad about myself. months ago i would just eat whatever i liked and even though i may have had a few more pounds then, i was happy and could enjoy food.

the point of this post is that today we started a new chapter in our school book which we'll work on for a few weeks. the first text was about healthy and unhealthy food and it triggered me so much. basically every food you eat is unhealthy in a way according to the text and even food that is healthy like bread was referred to as rather unhealthy. i don't wanna know which food is good or bad i just want to eat it. i was perfectly fine but the text was so hard on what happens to you if you eat that and that food. i don't know if i can work on that theme for a month but i also can't not because it's school. i need to do it.

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